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Ready to tread into what makes the Foot so Erotic and Sexy? Let’s go!

No1 Outcall Tantric Massage pride itself on FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, that’s why we are very classy.All our masseuses are young, successful and attractive.

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Whatever your partiality to partialism (the sexual attraction to a specific body part), there’s no shame! The attraction to feet dates back centuries and can lead to new sexual pleasure and fun for both you and your partner.


Do you have a full blown foot fetish? Maybe foot massage is your Achilles heel in the bedroom.

<Find out what a foot fetish is and why it’s so popular!

Foot Fetish vs. Kink vs. Worship

Also called podophilia, a foot fetish is a sexual interest or attraction to feet. 

It is more commonly found in men than women and can include attraction to any part of the foot, including the toes, arches, and soles. Along with bare feet, shoes and socks can also be included in foot fetishes.

Feeling embarrassed about your foot attraction? 



Foot Domination

Did you ever think body walking would be part of sexual arousal?

Foot domination includes groveling, submission, humiliation and body walking. Some partners prefer to submit by being walked on as if they were a rug, the ground, or rubbish.

Instate masochistic dehumanisation by squishing their body and face with your feet (with permission of course). 

If you are in need of a partner who is into kink and BDSM, check out our stunning No1 Domination Masseuses.



Treat or trick?

Treat yourself and your body to the experienced touch of one of our stunning masseuses, and let her indulge your passion for her elegant feet,bewitching ankles and toes.Experience the most sensual FOOT MASSAGE London has to offer.The delicate music can be supplied as the right catalyst to have you while in the mood to get the most erotic foot massage.Please get in touch with our discrete receptionist on +447848687300 for the best offer tailored specifically for your needs! Our professional masseuses provide INCALL(you visit them)and OUTCALL(they visit you) massage services in Central London and all over London. For more details about the locations, types of the massages or other enquires, give us a call on +447848687300 .


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Foot Massage in London

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