If you’re not already well acquainted with sensual massages, you’ll understandably be quite confused. It’s normal – the two sound extremely similar. In fact, there’s only one major difference between the two and it’s not the technique.

A body to body massage uses massage oils while a Nuru massage uses a special kind of gel that was specifically made for Nuru massages. No other erotic massage uses this gel. For this reason, a Nuru massage is probably one of the most unique erotic massages.

To truly learn about this sensual massage, you need to learn more about the masseuse and our London Nuru massage services. The sensation and the massage Nuru provides, especially from an experienced masseuse, is truly special. Even among those seeking massage in London, when they knew they couldn’t find the experience they were looking for, they’d go on trips to Asia and Europe just to experience the full splendour of the Nuru massage.

Thanks to our services in Central London, however, you won’t need to take a faraway trip to fully experience all the great sensations and passion you’ll get from a Nuru massage. The out-of-this-world full-body experience of the massage is something to behold – we are certain you’ll give our girls another call after you experience the Nuru massage for the first time – the experienced masseuse will make sure all your needs are covered, every spot on your body is massaged. and you’re completely relaxed and experiencing a lot of pleasure as they gently and tentatively slide their excellent bodies on yours. If you’ve been wanting to truly experience a unique massage in London but you haven’t decided what to choose, the Nuru massage in Lonon is for you. Our girls will make it worth your while, we can guarantee you that. If you’re still unsure, read on and learn the minutiae of the service and how is it performed, and you’ll know it is an experience you can’t miss out on.

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